Sunday, October 18, 2009


Stephanie was one of the most genuine people we have ever known. She was an adorable blonde with a beautiful smile. Her smile could brighten the darkest day. She was quiet and reserved but driven and determined to accomplish everything she set her mind to. Although we were only able to share a limited amount of time with Steph she added to the makeup of our family. She was the best thing that ever happened to our brother. She made him a better man and she helped him to be a great husband. We have no doubt she would have been a wonderful mother on this earth to her little girl and know that she will be in the eternities. Her sudden passing left our family with a vacancy that can never be completely filled until we meet again. The hand of death touched and claimed her life suddenly and unexpectedly. We wish she was still with us, yet we know she is fulfilling her callings on the other side. There is no question that Stephanie was a woman of character, an amazing wife, and fantastic daughter and sister-in-law who's presence and influence will be felt and affect us through the rest of our mortal journey and into the eternities. Steph had such a big heart with much to give. We saw this over and over again as she tended the nieces and nephews. The level at which Steph dealt with children far surpassed her age in years. She had such understanding, patience, and a genuine love toward children. She was always looking for ways to teach and better our children. It is our prayer that our little girls grow up to be the woman Steph was and is. It has been said, "life is not fair but eternity is," and we can't wait to spend it with you Steph, your daughter Aspen Lynn, and the rest of our families.


Grandma Chele, Father Chad, Joel, Marcie, Robbie, McCormick, Korbin, Rya, Jake, Katie, Darant, Shelby, Trey, Joseph, Stephanie, Kael, Aidan, Owen, Jarom, Nicci, Jace, Teagan, James, Shawn, Kaleb, John, and Joanna

** We would like to let everyone know that the viewing for our dear sister-in-law Stephanie will be held held from 6:00-8:00 p.m. on Tuesday night at Myer's Mortuary located just East of the Brigham City Tabernacle. The funeral will be held Wednesday morning at 11:00 a.m. at the LDS Stake Center located at 650 Anderson Drive in Brigham City following a viewing at 10:00 am. **


Claudia said...

Dear John and Hunter and Johnson families,
News of Stephanie's passing has brought much sadness and sorrow to all in our family. Our hearts are broken and we will miss her dearly. We feel privileged to have known Steph and enjoyed having her in our home time and time again. She was a wonderful young woman and a good friend to our three youngest children (Tyson, Tiffany, and Mackenzie Petersen).
Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. May the Lord comfort you and sustain you during this time and always.
Ted and Claudia Petersen

Jenn said...

Thank you Johnson family for that beautiful tribute to my sister. I know that she loved you all so much, and that marrying John was her dream come true. She was truly blessed to have such a wonderful husband and amazing in-laws. John, I want you to know how much our family loves you and we hope to stay close to you. You are my brother, and you always will be.

Hunter's Run said...

Dear Johnson Clan,
Thank you for the great love you gave our daughter and the joy she found in your family. She loved you all very much, especially those darling little ones. She idealized John and was so excited to be his wife and to build a life together, and start their little family. Thank you for sharing John with us, he has brought alot of love to us and hope to keep him part of us as well as your family. Your family has been a great support and brought us comfort at this time. We will miss Steph and the sunshine she brought with her.

Sher! said...

We will miss you Steph, love you! My prayers go out to your families.

Brooke said...

What a nice tribute to Stephanie. I grew up in her ward and our families have been close. I want the Hunter family, the Johnson family, and especially sweet John, to know that they are all in my prayers. I'm sure Stephanie is rocking Aspen above and enjoying motherhood, in more capacities than we can even understand.

Susie & Travis said...

What a beautiful tribute to such a sweet girl. I am so sorry John for your loss. You are an amazing person and I am sure you are looking forward to the time that you will be able to see Stephanie and hold your little Aspen. Your families are in our prayers.

Tori said...

That was a beautiful tribute! Steph and her great smile will be missed!

McFarland's said...
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McFarland's said...

Hunter & Johnson families,
Steph was like a daughter to me in fact Toree & Steph should have been twins!! She was so much fun to be around. She enjoyed life and life enjoyed her!! I agree with the other comments that Steph is with Aspen preparing a heavenly home for when John comes to meet her there. Our prayers are with your families.
Billy & Kelly McFarland

Jake and Heather said...

I also grew up in the same ward as the Hunter family. I was so sad to hear about Stephanie. I will always remember her as the sweet little curly blonde girl that played at my house with my little sisters. Jim and Debbie and your family, Our prayers are with you. We love you! Also to the Johnson family and John, you are in our thoughts and our prayers also.

Amy F. said...

What beautiful words those were. Thank you.
John and Family,
Stephanie will be greatly missed. You are in our prayers. What comfort it must bring to picture what a beautiful reunion it will be someday.
It was always clear just how much you loved her, and that is something she'll always have.
Your cousins,
Amy & Shawn Fetter